Give Back To the Church

Give Back To the Church

The church is a place where people go to worship God, connect with their community, and be inspired. In order for the church to do these things, it must have an attractive website that will make visitors want to come back. When the church partner’s up with an SEO agency, they can achieve this!

The SEO agency will help create content that is interesting and informative so people are excited about coming back. They also provide keyword research, analytics, and many other services that are important in increasing conversion rates on your website.

In Order For a Church to attract more visitors, it needs a proper online presence. Partnering with an SEO agency is one of the most effective ways to make this happen.

How Missional Marketing Gives Back To The Church?

Not only do we help you grow your online presence through our highly profitable SEO campaigns, but we are also committed to giving back.

For every Church that utilizes our monthly SEO campaigns, we tithe 10% back to them each month to show our commitment to the partnership.

We also provide a free SEO audit to every Church we partner with.

This is so you can see your stats and know where improvements need to be made, such as content marketing or social media presence.

SEO consulting services are another service that we offer at no cost to Churches who want help optimizing their website for the best RO and our commitment to God.

We also work with you to receive a Google Grant for Ads up to $10,000 per month.