8 Reasons Your Church Should Be Posting Sermon Videos

There is a lot of research that shows how important video content is for social media marketing. One study found that companies who post videos have 55% more shares than those who don’t.

Another study showed that people are willing to spend more time on sites with videos, which leads to increased conversion rates and better engagement overall. This means it’s important for churches to be posting sermon videos!

Here are 8 reasons why your church should start posting sermon videos today:

#1 : You’re telling people how to get closer to God.

If you want your church to grow, then they need a connection with the pastor and their sermons are an important way of doing that! Posting sermon videos will help provide this connection for those who can’t attend in person.

Video content also helps prospective members know what they can expect when attending your church in person.

#2 : You’re Giving People Resources.

There’s an old saying that “seeing is believing.” By posting sermon videos, you give people the chance to see and hear your pastor for themselves rather than relying on hearsay or reviews from others.

This also helps in case a church member isn’t able to attend on a given Sunday due to work or other issues.

#3 : You’re Increasing The Shareability Of Your Content.

Video is a more shareable content type than articles or blog posts, so posting sermon videos will help increase the reach of your church’s message and allow you to connect with people who may not even know about your ministry if they weren’t looking for it on Google!

Plus, when someone shares your content you are growing your audience.

#4 : You’re Increasing Your Traffic.

As mentioned before, video is a more shareable content type than articles or blog posts and the same can be said for traffic-driving content types as well.

By providing sermon videos to your church’s website, you give people an incentive to visit your site rather than someone else’s who may not have the same passion you do about delivering more people to Christ.

#5 : You’re Engaging People.

Sermon videos provide the opportunity for people to interact with your church while they are being preached, which is something that not always possible when it comes to reading a blog post or article.

In many cases, this extra interaction can be enough of an incentive for someone to visit your website and learn more about your church.

#6 : You’re Making It Easier For People To Share Your Content.

An article or blog post can take a lot of time to read, and there are some challenges when it comes to sharing them on social media.

Maybe you only have 140 characters left for Twitter but still, need more room in your Facebook status update?

Video Sermons are a popular way to help spread the word of God in today’s climate.

#7 : You’re Bringing Your Church To People Who Can’t Come to Services.

There are people who travel for work or live in an area where they might not be able to attend services on Sunday mornings.

Your church is a business, and you need your customers to have access to what you offer whenever possible.

You should want them to have resources available to learn the word of God from anywhere they have an internet connection.

#8: You’re Becoming a Winner In the Battle for Attention.

The competition to keep people’s attention spans is fierce and if you want your church to be on their radar, then it may need to be through video content that they can enjoy at any time of day or night.

It should not take up too much energy from them to engage with your online sermons. This increases the odds of getting your message out to the masses.


We hope these points have helped to convince you that your church should be posting sermon videos.

It is important for churches of all sizes and denominations to make their content available through as many channels as possible so they can reach the people who would not otherwise know about them or attend services on Sunday mornings. There are many reasons why a church should actively be posting its sermons online.

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