Gain More Local Visibility For Your Church

Google Ads For Your Church

Google Advertising For Churches

As a church, it is important to keep your congregation full and your financials healthy so you have the tools you need to spread the word of God.

One of the best ways to promote your Church is through Google. Google has a number of advertising options that allow you to reach people in your community no matter where they are.

Google Adwords is one of the fastest ways to get your website to the top of local searches. When people in your community are searching for a church you want to make sure your church is one of the first ones they see.

When you sign up for an Adwords account, Google will automatically generate a number of ads based on keywords related to your Church. This means that if someone is searching for “churches in my area” they might see one of your ads when they search because it includes the word churches and their city!

Google Adwords offers a number of different options for advertising your church, including banners and text links that are placed on search results pages. You can also advertise with Google Shopping, which will make your Church the first thing people see when they look to buy something related to what you offer!

Spread The Word of God

Giving more people the opportunity to find your church can help spread god’s word to the lost. This is the power of Google Ads.

Be More Visible To The Community

Your site will be at the forefront of people in your community searching for a new church.

Increased Donations

A larger more engaged congregation means more donations to help support the churches financials. Let us do that heavy lifting.

Google Maps

Gain exposure to people in your community searching Google maps for “church near me” or “church in {city}”. The more visible you are on Google the more you will grow your congregation

Better Financials

With more people attending your weekly services you will be able to increase the church’s financials and put more focus on growing God’s Kingdom! Amen!

More People Through Your Doors

Let’s work together to bring more people to your services each week. The main goal is to spread the word of God and help the lost get found!

Get Ahead With Google Grants

Google will give your church up to $10,000 worth of click ads per month if your church is a 501(c)(3) in the U.S.!

In order to be eligible, your church must have a website that is ADA compliant and should also be at least 18 months old. They can then submit an application for the grant program with their contact information so Google can evaluate it.

Google Ad Grants For Churches are available in 14 languages!

Additionally, if you cannot afford to pay for monthly ads , Google will give your church free ads for three months!

The grant money must be used only on click ads and in no other form.

Google Ad Grants For Churches are available to churches of all religions, including Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and more!

Your Church Can Apply Today: We help all of our SEO clients determine their eligibility and see if they qualify.

Get Your Church to the Top of Google