Started into the workforce at the age of 14 workings in a textile factory. After graduating high school I continued to work at the textile plant, becoming plant manager at the age of 19. I worked there until I was at the age of 28. My family purchased a boat business where I became the GSM. Due to the events of 911, the business took a downhill turn and the business was sold.
I immediately went to work for a large cellar company and worked my way up through the ranks over the next several years. I was given the opportunity for a promotion to relocate with the company to North Carolina. After many years of retail, I decided to take a step back and find an average job.
That didn’t last long and I have presented the opportunity to manage a couple of this companies locations. The owners sold the business and I decided to move on. I had been an active member of our church and had been given the privilege of becoming an Elder. After I decided to make a move from my current employer I began to feel called to ministry. I was asked to become the executive director for our church.
When I came on staff I had managed for years in business but never in this type of setting. I eased my way into understanding the world of ministry. After several months I had come to realize that I had my work cut out for me. After much prayer and consideration, I decided that this was not where I was supposed to be. I resigned from my position and went to work for an automobile dealership working in the service department as a service writer.
After several months the opportunity came open for a finance manager and I was given the opportunity. ( I did financing prior in the boat business ) after a few months, I was asked to step into the new car sales manager position. I accepted the position but knew only after a couple of weeks this was not what I wanted.
I went back into the financial position and that’s where it all hit me. Long hours had been something I had been accustomed to. As I sat and reflected on myself and my career choices of the past I knew there was something more in me than I was doing. I had been seeing posts on FB of a friend I used to manage at the cellular business in Ohio.
It had been over 11 years since we had spoken. I had an urge to call him and pick his brain on what he was doing. It felt like we picked up exactly how we left off 11 years ago. We started discussing his career and the opportunities he had been given and how he made his way to a very comfortable living. We started brainstorming and actually met in person to discuss a future in working together. We had many ideas and bounced them back and forth over and over.
Then it hit me like a brick. I had been pulled right back into working crazy hours and kept feeling an empty hole in my life. I advised Scott that I had a urning to help people. When I was employed by the church I felt for the first time in my life that I had a purpose. It was a joy to be able to counsel people and help them through difficult times.
I knew I had been called to ministry but did not realize it was not in a church. This is how we started our passion for SEO and churches. Helping people to find a place of worship by searching online in the simple easiest ways. ( by keywords) when people have an interest in looking for a place to worship we wanted it to be as easy as 1 click. The first page on google.
Offering SEO consulting to churches and showing them how important it is for people to be able to find them easily is the key to seeing more people come to know Jesus.
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